Protect your business and employees from the active shooter threat.

Active Shooter Training

As a nation, we have witnessed numerous tragedies from gun violence.

Educate and Train

Now, more than ever, we want to encourage people to educate and train themselves to respond to active shooter situations. An active shooter response class from a trained and experienced professional is paramount to the safety of your organization and your employees and patrons. Chris Parman, the founder of Guard Point Management in California, is putting his twenty years of experience in law enforcement to use, teaching businesses how to survive threats both internal and external, including how to survive an active shooting. Parman has spent time in key fields of law enforcement, including SWAT, field training, patrol, and Investigations. Now, his goal is to apply his knowledge and experience to small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to better protect their assets and people.

Be Ready


Handling an active shooter situation has several parts. Your staff will need to be able to identify an active shooter situation, properly react to it in order to protect themselves and others, and communicate effectively with law enforcement. Having several policies in place, such as an active shooter policy, and making sure that your staff understand these policies, can help to keep your establishment from becoming another testament to gun violence.


Every organization should have an EAP or Emergency Action Plan in place for any emergency situation, including having an active shooter plan that all employees have been properly trained on. By putting in place a step by step process for your team, you ensure that there are a clear set of guidelines in place to help alleviate an emergency situation. Active shooter response training is key to your organization following these emergency steps.

A training exercise for active shooter situations should also be put in place and regularly reviewed.

Active shooter training classes have been undertaken by movie theater employees, office park workers, teachers, healthcare professionals, restaurant workers, and those across numerous other industries in America as unprovoked violence ceases to end. Part of any active shooter training course is learning to identify an active shooter event in progress. Expert training from a certified active shooter trainer will help you to understand and perform the actions you need to take to survive an active shooter and respond to law enforcement, recognize potential indicators of violence in the workplace, prevent and prepare for potential incidents, and manage the consequences of an active shooter. Recognizing a situation with an active shooter, an organization can contain the situation, remove potential victims from the active shooter zone, and limit or eliminate potential casualties from the event. Working together is crucial when it comes to surviving an active shooter. While there are signs that your staff can be trained to look for in order to prevent a potential shooting incident to occur, these are often subtle or unpronounced except in hindsight, so most organizations focus on training their staff to survive an active event above preventing one.

The typical active shooter course is taught using the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT model based upon studies and findings conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. The ALICE protocol teaches users to evade an active shooter if possible, to alert authorities early on for faster response times, to limit the shooter’s access to the establishment and the people within, and to safely evacuate the area if at all possible. Instead of the previously used “Lockdown” method, best demonstrated by school lockdown drills, the ALICE active shooter protocol creates a plan for individuals or organizations to proactively address a violent intruder event. ALICE active shooter classes are easily modified to fit any industry, including healthcare facilities, police, corporate structures, schools, and houses of worship.

Rethinking Our Response

Similar to schools, office workers traditionally underwent violent intruder event response training that essentially amounted to hiding from the threat. Now, most institutes are beginning to rethink their violent intruder event training programs in favor of the effectiveness of the ALICE training. Active shooter training for teachers and active shooter training for employers in other sectors continues to change to meet the violent situations that businesses must commonly expect to find themselves in. Unfortunately, more often than not, today one of the most common threats are at school, church, business, or other establishments that must be prepared for an active shooter.

ALICE training is a core component of the active shooter defense training taught by Chris Parman of Guard Point Management.

 A licensed PI in California with a history of work in law enforcement, Chris has dedicated his experience to helping businesses and institutions throughout America learn about and implement an active shooter response plan. Protecting your employees and your business from an active shooter event takes more than guts or luck can get you; your team requires careful training and practice in order to combat an armed threat. As credible sources like Homeland Security and FEMA continue to press the urgency and importance of active shooter plans for all businesses, Guard Point Management continues to be ready to train and educate businesses on active shooter protocol.

Danger can strike at any time; your business can’t afford to wait until it’s too late to invest in active shooter training for your staff. Through expert training from Chris Parman based on the ALICE active shooter training, organizations and companies can help to ensure that their staff know how to identify and react to a situation involving an active shooter, including helping patrons to get to safety. By empowering individuals and organizations through education and training, we can better prepare for any emergency situation.

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