Commonly Asked Questions

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What do I do if caught in an active shooter situation?
Remember the big three, Run, Hide, Fight. If you have nowhere to run or hide, you have to be prepared to fight back. It doesn’t necessarily mean going hands on or a fist fight, but use tools available to you for possible weapons or distractions, I.e. a chair, table, weighted objects, etc.
What about arming myself for an active shooter situation?
FIrst, make sure to know the different gun laws in whatever state you live in. Second, if you do carry a weapon for an active shooter situation, you have to be mentally and physically prepared to draw it and pull the trigger if necessary. A lot of people say they would shoot someone who was a threat to their lives or others, but unless you are mentally prepared for that situation, I would recommend not carrying a weapon.
By taking the active shooter training, will this keep me from being harmed or potentially killed during an incident?
The answer is no. What it will do is make you more aware of your surroundings, help you develop a plan if an active shooter were to take place at your business. It will also help you identify potential threats that could lead to an active shooter situation.
I’m prepared for an active shooter situation, why would I need an emergency response plan?
Emergency Response Plans are extremely important not just for active shooter situations but for natural disasters and fires as well. By creating an Emergency Response Plan you also use the document to educated your employees on what to do and what not to do during an emergency. It keeps everyone associated with the business on the same page when it comes to response and knowing what to do if or when that incident occurs.


I trust all of my employees with my business, why would I need anyone to come in and check to see if my business is losing money by fraud?
Unfortunately the world we live in and human nature sometimes create a perfect storm for fraud. Sometimes good people do bad things and take advantage and exploit trust that has been built over time with ownership and employees. Always good to have someone come in who is not a party to the business and give it a look to see if identifying markers are present for fraud that may have gone unnoticed by ownership.
I control the money for my business and no one is able to get to it so why do I need someone coming in to check for fraud?
Fraud can happen in many different forms that may not touch on actual stealing of cash. In some cases it could be your products that employees are interested in and you maybe showing a loss from inventory theft you weren’t aware of.
No one would steal from me, I treat my employees really well so why worry?
Though it’s encouraging to know you treat your employees well, it still will not eliminate the fraud, theft or embezzlement potential that could be exposed in your business. Always have a back up process in place such as a consultant coming in to give updated ideas and to render sound opinions for improvement.


We have a gaming commission that overlooks our casino operation, why would we need anyone else to look after fraud?
With Indian Casinos in California, they must all have independent gaming commissions per their state compacts. However, sometimes the processes that gaming commissions use to look into possible theft or fraud are not fully utilized or they’re outdated. Sometimes a simple restructuring of the staff with their roles and responsibilities can help improve fraud detection earlier, minimizing possible loss.

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