Don’t underestimate the risk

Many businesses that suffer fraud don’t recover any losses.

Fraud. It’s a word that sits uncomfortably in the pit of your stomach.

And it should, because it can have an overwhelming impact to your business and your bottom line. But fraud detection and prevention doesn’t often make it high on the list of expenses for small business owners who are busy thinking up ways to better provide for their customers.

Reported by the FBI as one of the fastest growing US crimes, employee fraud is a major problem for many small and mid sized businesses. A fraud risk management policy needs to be put in place. Guard Point Management can help businesses layout and implement a custom fraud risk detection and prevention policy for any enterprise. 

As a member of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), Guard Point owner and operator Chris Parman has an exceptional track record of helping California businesses to better protect both their assets and their employees. Now located in Santa Rosa, Chris has built up a repertoire of skills working various sectors throughout California that he uses to help businesses minimize fraud in the workplace. Adding his twenty years of experience in law enforcement and his experience as a licensed private investigator in California give Chris his particular edge in weeding out business fraud and providing fraud risk assessment.

Not enough business owners utilize a business fraud management system

Fraud can cost a business up to 5% of its total revenue.

According to one study from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and the U.S. Department of Commerce further asserts that American businesses lose $20 to $40 billion per year to employee fraud schemes.

Background checks for pre employment that includes drug testing.

Every new hire presents a risk, so why worry. We can provide a comprehensive pre-employment background check so you can be confident in your hiring decision. Included in our background checks is drug testing. No company wants to deal with the side effects of drug use including frequent absenteeism, lower production of quality work and even injury on the job which all lead to a loss of income for your business.

We will meet the needs of our clients by providing additional background information or a more in-depth background check if requested. Background checks focus on criminal history checks, social media checks, arrest records, drug testing, post-incident drug testing and, in certain cases, a credit check.

The cost of a background check (including drug test), is $122 per person.

You know what to do.

Contact a professional and start your risk assessment.